About ShednPooper

I’m often asked what breed my dog Hogan is and have always responded by saying he’s a mutt – blue tick hound and lab. Once again, when taking him around the block I was asked the same question and “North American ShednPooper” popped into my head. When I told the neighbor this, you could see the gears in his head turning – it almost sounds like a real breed doesn’t it? After about 5 seconds he realized he had been had, and we both got a good laugh out of it.

Not sure where ShednPooper came from but basically, on a daily basis shedding and pooping eats up an enormous chunk of Hogan’s time, so I probably internalized that somehow.

That night I checked to see if www.shednpooper.com was registered (wine was involved) – it wasn’t (go figure?), so I registered it and the rest is, well… history.

I started with those stupid “I (heart) my ShednPooper” bumper stickers and just kept going (stupidity takes real commitment!).

The Business Plan

Real business owners tell me that I have to have a Business Plan and a Mission Statement so here goes:

Anyone who has been to a dog training class knows that largely, it’s the owner who is being trained. Therefore it is my mission is to be a fun source to educate dog owners on promoting happier, healthier hounds through a (hopefully) engaging eNewsletter publication – each month we’ll identify a problem as told from Hogan’s point of view, (he refers to me as his “human”), and provide the best tips we can research and compile to relieve his stress.

We’ve created a Club built around a parody of a “real” dog club and will solicit Lifetime Memberships (20% of the membership fee will go to a national charity).

We’ve also created our very own product line, because wearing anything that has “ShednPooper” printed on it is sure to start up a conversation (airport check-in lines are the best – trust me!).

All of the proceeds from apparel sales go to support local animal shelters and rescue groups in the Catawba Island, Ohio area. My goal would be to create regional SnP clubs to support their local rescue and shelter organizations.


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the journey with your hound and that somehow, in some small way I helped you understand your buddy a little bit better and made you laugh a little bit along the way. (I’m also hoping to set some type of literary record for overusing parentheses to enclose supplemental information).

Dan Stryffeler