Get to know Hogan – ShednPooper’s go-to mutt advocate

Hogan in a muttshell:

I represent ShednPooper and offer up a wealth of canine concerns, tips and resources that strengthen the bond between people and their mutts. You can find these insights in our Blog section or receive them at your digital doorstep by signing up for the ShednPooper eNewsletter.


Middle age might be creeping up on me, sigh…


Countless years of human observation.

My mix:

Blue Tick Hound and Black Labrador.

I wake up every day to:

Educate humans and give them the tips and tools they need to promote happier, healthier hounds.

Interests include:

I lack the opposable thumbs to do most things, so I pass the time by chasing squirrels, watching boats, sleeping and watching whatever my human has on TV (hopefully golf!).

However, if I had opposable thumbs, I’d be:

A pro golfer – My human says I was named after Ben Hogan, one of the best!

A hero of mine:

Ben Hogan – nuff said, move on…

My Family

My beautiful wife Patty keeps me on point, my two pups, Oliver and Ally, while lovable, still manage to, well… teach me things I never knew I would have to know.