Boats & Pups Afloat: Tips for Summertime Fun on the Water

There’s just something about being on the water with the warm breeze in your fur that makes life truly worth living, you know? My family loves Catawba, so much that we go every year when the weather breaks! In case you’re doing some water activities like boating or visiting those salt-water seasides to stuff sand […]

Summer Booms Mean Dogs Flee to their Rooms

I can remember shivering under my bed as a little pup in fear of the loud booms from July 4th fireworks. I still don’t understand why my human enjoys it all! For the sake of my wife and pups, I put on a brave face but it’s really making all of us anxious and miserable. […]

So Long, Farewell: Tips for Dog Boarding

Sometimes my human surprises me and my family by dropping us off at the local hound hotel for a couple days of rest and relaxation. There we are; enjoying the five-star accommodations and having the time of our lives, while I’m sure he just spends all day pacing around, worrying about running the ShednPooper operations […]

Spring is in the Air (and Poop is in the Yard)

Spring is finally here and I can smell the flowers! My humans are shedding their winter coats, which is a sign of sunny days and even longer walks to come. But after the snow melted, I’ll admit the backyard looked a little bit … ruff. I’ve been going to the bathroom out there all winter long, and let’s just say […]

Debunking and De-skunking

Dogs and skunks go together like … well … like two things that probably shouldn’t ever go together, but often do! It’s the nature of a curious dog like me (and yours too, I bet) to sniff around a new neighbor in the backyard. Since dogs and skunks don’t quite speak the same language, even a well-meaning mutt […]

Jumping for Joy: Not Anymore!

Don’t tell her I told you this, but my daughter Ally can be a bit bossy sometimes. And I can always tell she’s feeling a particular need to be in control when she starts jumping! Some dogs are naturally more inclined to jump, but their humans shouldn’t dismiss it as harmless behavior. The truth is that whether your dog is […]

Don’t Let Cool Temperatures Cool Off Your Pup’s Fitness!

Brrr, it sure is cold out there! This is the time of year my humans need coats almost as thick and fluffy as mine. It’s also a brand new year, and with that come New Year’s Resolutions. My humans always renew their efforts to stay fit and healthy this time of year, and that’s my resolution too! But […]

Nip the Bad Habit of Mouthing in the Bud – Just in Time for the Holidays!

I think I speak for all dogs when I say that we love nothing more than the attention of our humans! But some young pups might get a little out of hand in their quest for playtime and start mouthing. They just haven’t learned yet that there are better ways to get your attention! That’s […]

Humans, Mutts, Cars and Safety – What You Need to Know

Okay, I admit it. I’m somewhat of a lucky ShednPooper. My human drives a convertible, which is kind of awesome. Tasting the wind at 60 mph and letting the drool fly is one of life’s simple pleasures. Though lately, I’ve tried to set a better example for my kids, Ally and Oliver, by going with […]

Shedding, Grooming and the Almighty Dog Brush

As a ShednPooper, there are two things I love to do. I think you can guess what they are, so let’s focus on the first: shedding, and the grooming that comes with it. My human loves pulling out the ShednPooper Dog Brush to combat my handfuls of fur, but he has some other tricks to control my […]