Just letting Dogs be Dogs

Welcome to ShednPooper, a community of like-minded dog lovers who don't take themselves or their mutts too seriously and are devoted to the idea that labels don't mean much.

If you can have a mutt branded as a golden-doodle or labra-doodle or any of the other designer names floating around, then why can't we have a ShednPooper - "a breed for the rest of us".

While you’re here, take the mutt quiz and get your dog’s breed breakdown, join The Club and browse through ShednPooper’s mix of apparel, accessories and toys.

Take the Mutt Quiz!

Have you ever had anyone ask you, "Hey, what kind of dog is that?" and you're stumped for an answer? Do you ever wonder about your mutt's parents? Well, look no further, friend. Take this two minute mutt quiz for answers that will "shed" some light on the topic.

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