Breeds: Blue tick hound and Labrador

Hogan, a go-to mutt advocate, is the face of ShednPooper and offers up a wealth of canine facts, tips and resources that strengthen the bond between people and their mutts. Hogan is entering middle age, spends time chasing squirrels with his wife, and loves sleeping and watching golf on TV. Hogan’s informed point of view – given his many years of human observation – works to educate people by giving them the tips and tools they need to promote happier, healthier mutts.

Patty, Hogan’s wife.

Breeds: Beagle/poodle mix, otherwise known as a “Poogle.” Patty’s dad was a beagle on the pudgier side, and her mom was a miniature poodle.

Patty, also a mutt advocate, helps Hogan comment on dogs’ needs and, when called upon, will pitch in to help the ShednPooper staff, particularly on the clerical end. Patty is entering middle age, but is far from lame. She enjoys swimming, chasing squirrels with Hogan and maintains a friendly yet shrewd disposition.

Oliver and Ally, Hogan’s kids

Breeds: Blue tick hound, lab, poodle and beagle mix.

Oliver, a well-built dog, performs useful tricks around the ShednPooper warehouse. Oliver is a catch and fetch master – which comes in handy while moving store inventory – and loves watching golf on TV with his dad. Oliver is in his late teens, is protective over Ally and attends agility school with the hope of one day hitting the agility circuit.

Ally, a petite dog, helps her mom with ShednPooper clerical work, and enjoys wearing ShednPooper apparel. Ally is a pre-teen and attends Mutterham Obediance School. Ally likes hanging with the ShednPooper staff, is on the Mutterham swim team and is sure to growl anytime her dad and brother are watching golf.